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Price Box

Displays the name, details, price & order button or a combo of a WHMCS Service (Hosting Plan) with a lot of customization options. Service id is the only required parameters, will return “Invalid id”  if service id does not exist. If no other parameter is given yearly service price is returned.

[whmpress_price_box id = ""]


  • id: Id of the service (Hosting Plan), You can find the IDs of all your services in WHMpress > Services/Products section. Click products/services link under WHMpress to see WHMCS services IDs.
  • html_id: add a custom id to the table element for further CSS customization.
  • html_class: Add a custom class to the wrapping HTML element.
  • currency: Used with multi-currency, set the Currency in which price is displayed, if not mentioned session currency is used (which user have selected), if no session is found, currency set as default in WHMCS is used.
  • billingcycle: Billing cycle of service, one from one-time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, triennially. If skipped, yearly price is returned.
  • show_price: Display price or not
  • show_combo: Show combo or not, No, Yes
  • show_button: Show the submit button or not
  • show_description: Yes or No to show service description or not.
  • show_discount: Yes or No to show discount or not.
  • discount_type: monthly or yearly to show discount month wise or year wise.
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