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Price Matrix Domain

List all the domains that you offer along with the price in table format and with a search option for a quick find.



  • html_id: add a custom id to the wrapper HTML element for further CSS customization.
  • style1: styles to show price matrix domain in different formats.
  • html_class: Add a custom class to wrapper HTML element. (two builtin classes)
  • table_id: add a custom id to the table element for further CSS customization.
  • currency: Used with multi-currency, set the Currency in which price is displayed, if not mentioned session currency is used (which user have selected), if no session is found, currency set as default in WHMCS is used.
  • show_tlds: comma-separated values of TLDs to list in the table. Only TLDs that exists in WHMCS will be added. No spaces in comma-separated values.
  • show_tlds_wildcard: show only TLDs matching with the given string. Very useful if you want to show only TLDs related to your country, e.g. “.in”
  • hide_search: Yes or No to hide or show search.
  • show_renewel: Yes or No to show renewal price of selected TLD.
  • show_transfer: Yes or No to show transfer price of selected TLD.
  • titles: accepts comma separated title names, if you want to override default titles of price matrix. In this field first title overrides sr, the second title overrides ID and so on.
  • search_label: This overrides the label for a search field.
  • search_placeholder: This overrides the default value for the search field.
  • show_disabled: Yes or No show hidden TLDs (in WHMCS) or not.
  • pricing_slab:
  • combine_extension:
  • data_table: Yes or No to apply data tables or not. To apply data tables you need to enable data table library from WHMpress > settings > styles > Include data tables.
  • num_of_rows: Number of rows to show in the price matrix domain.
  • replace_empty: Text to replace empty values, the default value is “-”.
  • show_type: Yes or No to show TLDs categories or not.
  • show_addons: Yes or No to show TLDs addon price or not.
  • show_restore: Yes or No to show TLDs restore price or not.
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