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Change Log

6.0-revision-2 (29-10-2022)

- Order button set behavior to same page load set

6.0-revision-1 (17-08-2022)

- security issue due to session not close
- WHMPRESS SYNC frequency short code added

6.0-revision-0 (24-08-2022)

- Add price filter parameters in Elementor's price matrix extended widget

5.9-revision-9 (05-08-2022)

- Remove Tiny button in wordpress rich text

5.9-revision-8 (04-08-2022)

- Bugs fixed in WHMpress verification process

5.9-revision-7 (28-07-2022)

- Make the "Use Direct WHMCS order process" option.

5.9-revision-6 (25-07-2022)

- Hide all hidden products from shortcodes

5.9-revision-5 (18-06-2022)

- Bug fixed with the dual appearance of price matrix domain in visual composer.

5.9-revision-4 (27-06-2022)

- Improve Plugin verification process

5.9-revision-3 (27-06-2022)

- Bug fixed in group pricing table prices

5.9-revision-2 (31-05-2022)

- Bug fixed with php 8

5.9-revision-1 (12-05-2022)

- Adding Widget templates security

5.9-revision-0 (22-04-2022)

- Adding display text option in the tooltip

5.8-revision-9 (22-03-2022)

- Setting specific products in price matrix issue fixed

5.8-revision-8 (25-02-2022)

- Price decimals issue fixed

5.8-revision-7 (15-02-2022)

- Extensions order issue fixed

5.8-revision-6 (25-01-2022)

- Fixed issues with PHP 8

5.8-revision-5 (17-01-2022)

- Fixed WHMCS Syncing Fatal Errors.
- Fixed Style issue in whmpress-21.tpl template.
- Added New Pricing Table named whmpress-24.tpl.

5.8-revision-4 (12-01-2022)

- Issue fixed in rendering billingcycle in price domain list

5.8-revision-3 (10-01-2022)

- Make it Compatible with PHP 8

5.8-revision-2 (07-01-2022)

- Bug Fixed in WHMpress Price.
- Bug Fixed -> Price Matrix Domain rendering issue in wp-bakery page builder.

5.8-revision-1 (28-12-2021)

- target blank in the order button.

5.8-revision-0 (04-12-2021)

- Added Addon in the plugin.
- Addon Conflict resolved.

5.7-revision-9 (24-11-2021)

- Added Vietnamese translations

5.7-revision-8 (22-11-2021)

- Warnings fixed in domain price list shortcode

5.7-revision-7 (12-11-2021)

- Number format issue fixed in the bundle pricing table

5.7-revision-6 (23-10-2021)

- Fixed warnings in whmpress.class
- Make compatible with elementor 3.4.6
- Fixed thousand separator issue in price shortcode

5.7-revision-5 (09-09-2021)

- Fixed pricing slab issue in price matrix domain

5.7-revision-4 (09-09-2021)

- Added swedish translations

5.7-revision-3 (27-07-2021)

- Improve Price Matrix Domain.

5.7-revision-2 (19-07-2021)

- Add hide show parameters in Price Matrix Domain.

5.7-revision-1 (08-07-2021)

- Bugs fixed in Domain Price shortcode.

5.7-revision-0 (03-07-2021)

- Improve loading time in Price Matrix Domain
- Removed commented code.

5.6-revision-7 (24-06-2021)

- Typo fixed in elementor widgets.

5.6-revision-6 (03-06-2021)

- Bug fixed about data tables in Price matrix domain.

5.6-revision-5 (17-05-2021)

- localize script warning fixed.
- debug window from domain search ajax removed.


- Removing Price Box from Elementor issue fixed.
- Adding the new template currency combo.

5.6-revision-3 (08-01-2021)

- Js warning fixed.
- Add domain categories option.
- Fixed issue in whmpress_price shortcode.
- Add domain category shortcode.
- Improve domain search ajax.

5.6-revision-2 (9-12-2020)

- Add new pricing table template.


- Add a parameter to the domain search ajax shortcode to search desired tlds.


- Improve SQL issues about tld tables on plugin initiate.


- Resolved currency switcher issue in currency combo.


- Resolved SQL issues about tld tables on plugin initiate.


- Again look description in price extended template.


- Session related issue fixed.


- Site health issue fixed due to plugin
- Add more templates for domain price list shortcode.
- bugs fixed in pricing table design.


- Little CSS changing


- Translate price prefix and suffix in domain price shortcode


- Bug fixed around picking current currency in whmpress_price shortcode


- Bug fixed around saving country currency settings.


- Added our own category(WHMpress) in Elementor.


- Bug fixed in rendering tlds


- Bug fixed pic templates about picking images


- Make compatible with WHMCS 7.10


- Bug fixed about currency switching in Domain price shortcode


- Add pricing table templates and order combo templates


- Add whmpress section in pricing tables

5.3 -revision-1

- Added order combo templates


- Implement Pricing slab in Price Matrix Domain.
- Added template for Price Matrix Domain (ul li implementation).
- Fixed Default country currency issue when default settings are saved.


- Fixed warnings in vc.php


- Fixed CSS issue when author picks it's own templates
- Add both prefix and suffix with price in domain price matrix


- Fixed Decimal symbol issue if fraction is empty in Domain price.
- Fixed Decimal symbol in order combo.
- Fixed issue in WHMpress notice on settings page


- Add an option to show both prefix and suffix with price
- Fixed Decimal and thousand separator problem in pricing table.


- Add more whois servers in the list


- Add Registrar column in Domain pricing section.

5.2 24/10/2019

- Fix Speed issues

5.1-revision-0 16/10/2019

- Bug fixed in price matrix extended shortcode
- Styling Issues fixed in price matrix extended shortcode
- Fix Detail button issue while set the shortcode (Price Matrix Extended) by Elementor

5.0-revision-9 11/10/2019

- broken language code fixed in header of domain matrix

5.0-revision-8 04-10-2019

- language strings added for price matrix domain style1 n style2
- "s" was being added through code for years, properly implimented now through language strings.
- pot file updated, and all language files synced to match with pot.

5.0-revision-7 03-10-2019

- Currency Selector / Currency combo > added basic template

5.0-revision-6 03-10-2019

- Domain price matrix, reverse parameters for yes/no issues fixed.
- Domain pirce matrix > elementor not accepting category parameters fixed.

5.0-revision-5 26-9-2019

- Elemontor delete issues fixed
- Elemontor rendering issues for certain shortcodes fixed

5.0-revision-3 23-9-2019

- price issue fixed for monthly price.
- currency session issue's fixed.

5.0-revision-2 19-9-2019

- Fixed decimal issue, decimal should not be from WHMCS but from plugin default settings.

5.0-revision-0 02-8-2019

- Fixed decimal issue, currency issue and some others

5.0 06-24-2019

- Compatible with elementor page builder

4.9.2-revision-3 05-31-2019

- Domain search bulk bug fixed

4.9.2-revision-2 5-22-2019

- Smarty section template implemented

4.9.2-revision-1 5-14-2019

- Price Table Extended with smarty template only page 1


- Improve Price Table Extended
- session_cache_limiter implemented


- Price Table Extended new shortcode implemented.

4.9.1 4-23-2019

- Currency combo: Pass currency id to URL
- Implement order combo override url in pricing table
- Implement filter domains in domain search ajax extended

4.9.0-revision-4 4-13-2019

- Thousand separator bug fix

4.9.0-revision-3 3-20-2019

-Include quick search in domain matrix bug fix

4.9.0-revision-2 3-5-2019

Reverse the html template array of Pricing table for fusion builder
4.9.0-revision-1 3-5-2019
Currency combo bug fix.


- Round price flag implemented


- Compatible with fusion builder


- Currency Combo and Country currency bug fixed
- Removed special characters and spaces from Domain search Ajax
  and Domain search extened
- Compatibility confirmed with WordPress 5


- Purchase code issue fixed


- New: Domain search bulk and whois search domains on other pages


- New: Added country-specific currency option
- New: whois refactor
- New: Sync options in shortcodes
- New: Nexum license message implementation


- New: Compatibility with WCOP/ WCAP 2.7
- New: 7.2 checked with VC.
- New: Domain search bulk, bug fixes
- New: Domain Search ajax Bug fixes
- New: The .pk domain name should be greater the 3
- New: Stripeslashes in tooltips


- New: Several Bugs Fixed


- New: Added new pricing tables


- Improved: Changed translation context for admin strings
- Improved: Changed translation context for admin strings
- Fixed - message for domain_search_extended shortcode
- Improve: Translated some untranslated strings in default strings
- Removed: option for debug info to be mailed to the author
- Fixed - bug where child theme templates are not being returned.
- Improved: domain_price shortcode with new functions.
- New: Added new URL override Parameter in pricing table shortcode
- New: Prefix, suffix problem in domain search ajax is resolved.
- Fixed - domain search Ajax page count parameter
- New: Optimized domain_price shortcode to respond to all parameters.
- New: Added new URL append Parameter in pricing table shortcode
- New: Added new URL append Parameter in order button shortcode

4.6- (17-Jan-2018)

- New: - Domain search ajax extended (with multi-domain-selection) shortcode to work with WCOP/ WCAP Fixed - removed shortcodes related to the legacy version of client area 
- Improved - Admin dashboard improvements
- New: Colors implemented for pricing tables from shortcode
- Removed: cloud flare hosted files
- New: Pricing not showing bug fixed in domain search ajax
- New: Domain search extended only show if WCAP or WCOP is installed
- Fixed - domain search ajax not accepting default parameters for trailing zeros and decimals
- New: Implemented tooltips and custom list icons
- New: Added new parameters to pricing table shortcode to accommodate tooltips, icons, and a new parameter to not process
- Fixed - domain register links for WHMCS
- Fixed - domain_search_ajax (was showing extra domains even if were skipped)
- Removed: extra text from simple-1 pricing template
- New: Tax support implemented in price_i shortcode
- New: Added slick slider in WHMPress > removed from WPCT
- Fixed - issues with duration conversion codes to be used with WPCT
- Fixed - smarty template bug for domain search ajax, converted to lower before comparing parameters
- Fixed - duration style and duration connector correctly in pricing tables.
- New: Domain search bulk rendering is now fixed.
- New: Order link for domain now opens in a new window
- improvements in verify process
- improvement: Pricing tables are now following the price format given in WP settings
- New: Added missing currency suffix in whmpress-9 and easy web custom tables. Pending in rest
- New: Domain search extended is now honoring the next URL, same page divs are not supported
- New: Domain search bulk, parameters, and templates are implemented
- New: Domain search extended improvements

4.5-revision.1 – (9 Jan, 2018)

Tested with WHMCS 7.4.1
Fixed - bug in domain whois link fixed
Fixed - bug in transfer link to direct WHMCS
Fixed- removed shortcodes related to legacy version of client area
New- Domain search ajax extended shortcode to work with WCOP/ WCAP

4.3 – (20 Nov, 2017)

Fixed - remove pre tag from order combo page
Fixed - fixed a bug in check plugin activation
Improved - refined URL generation in relation to COP, CAP and WHMCS
Improved - refactored domain search whois code
Improved - refactored code and removed refrences of lagacy client area
Fixed - Fixed VC latest version bug: all shortcodes now work with VC
Fixed - Fixed Cron Jobs bug, that will keep adding the cron jobs again and again in WP
Improved - Changed currency session from "currency" to "whcom_currency"
New - compatibility with WP 4.9
New - URLs updated to match with new client area scheme
Fixed - UTF-8 encoding bug removed

4.1.2 – (06 July, 2017)

Fixed - Domain search ajax > fixed registration links issue when domain spinning is disabled
New - Domain search ajax > implemented URL to append in domain search
New - Added convert to monthly price (sudo monthly price) feature to pricing table
Fixed - Price Matrix was not showing price to right of thousand separator

4.0 – (30 May 2017)

- New: Compatibly confirmed with WHMCS 7.2
- New: New shortcodes for product bundles
- New: Features to support, WHMCS Cart & Order Pages for WHMCS
- Improved: Updated domain matrix styles with new search options
- Improved: Currency formats per language bases
- Improved: Shortcode inserter (for non Visual composer users) is much improved and now offers 
grouped properties

3.1.1 – (21 December 2016)

- New: Compatibility confirmed with 4.7
- New: Compatibly confirmed with WHMCS 7.1
- Improved: code refactored for 
- Fixed: Warnings with WHMCS Client Area v.4

2.9.4 – (11th, September 2016)

- New: Compatibility with PHP7
- New: 3 new pricing tables templates added
- New: Adoptive templates added for Porto and Kalays themes
- Fixed: Missing translation strings in domain search AJAX

2.9.1 – (20th July, 2016)

- New: Auto-SYNC WHMCS, or do it through your own cronjob
- New: Override Plan/Service Names & Details from WHMCS according to the current language. This was a long awaited feature.
- New: Additional details can be set for services.

2.8.2 – (9th June, 2016)

- Updated: New languages added: Arabic
- Updated: Missing strings added to language files.

2.8 – (30th April, 2016)

- Updated: New languages added: French, German
- Updated: compatiblity with ver. 2.8 of client Area Addon

2.7.6 – (25th April, 2016)

- Improved: Compatibility ensured with WP 4.5 & WHMCS 6.3.1
- Fixed: Domain_Search_Ajax with results on 2nd page now possible in div of your choice.
- New: Option to select use of UTF decode/encode in complex situations.

2.7.6 – (25th April, 2016)

- Improved: Compatibility ensured with WP 4.5 & WHMCS 6.3.1
- Fixed: Domain_Search_Ajax with results on 2nd page now possible in div of your choice.
- New: Option to select use of UTF decode/encode in complex situations.

2.6.6 – (28th March, 2016)

- New: Option to select number of rows in product matrix shortcodes while data tables are enabled.
- Fixed: Compatibility issue of WHMpress data tables with WHMCS data tables.
- Fixed: UTF-8 Encoding/decoding issue for some languages.
- Fixed: Custom decimal point character was not working in templates.
- Fixed: Several tweaks. 

2.6.1 – (2nd March, 2016)

- New: Domain Search Ajax > To show search results on same page on a div of your choice, without page reload.
- Removed: Domain Search Results Shortcode > As you can mention div to show ajax results now.
- Fixed: Domain Price Matrix > price for domains with minimum 2 years of registration period.

2.5.1 – (14th December, 2015)

- New: Compatibility with WHMCS 6.2
- New: New: Compatibility with WordPress 4.4
- Fixed: Domain Search Ajax: Ongoing domains order buttons now pass correct extension to WHMCS for domain orders.
- Improved: LESS CSS, in standard and minimized versions

2.4 – (18th November, 2015)

- New: Datatables implimented in Price Matrix, This help you with pagination and search options with very long list of domains.
- New: Added matching CSS and price tables, domain search, domain search whois etc for 5 famous hosting themes.

2.1 – (7th November, 2015)

- New: Discount type options with Pricing tables
- New: Added Custom CSS Optios

1.9.5 – (9th September, 2015)

- New: You can now show order buttons in price_matrix ShortCodes.
- New: Options to return prices as, "WHMCS Default", Inclusive Tax, Exclusive Tax and Tax only.
- New: IDN support in ajax domain search
- New: Default parameters moved to plugin options, resulting in cleaner shortcodes and more control.
- New: compatiablitly with Visual Composer 4.7.4
- New: Option to hide price & years in domain_search_ajax.
- Improved: Cleaned up and fine tuned CSS
- Fixed: Minimum price is now calculated correctly with all type of configurable.
- Fixed: whois now works fine with all tlds. 
- Removed: [whmpress_register_url] and [whmpress_register_user] have been removed as same functions are now available in as it is now part of [whmpress_url] 
- Notes: (1)Due to database structure changes in WHMCS, "show hidden services" option in price matrix is no more compatible with WHMCS v5.

1.8.16 – (9th September, 2015)

- New: New option in domain ajax search to select landing page
- Fixed: Several bug fixes
- Improved: Several Improved in existing features.

1.8.10 – (4th August, 2015)

- New: compatiblity with WHMCS Client Area addon - version. 1.4.0
- Imprvoed: Pretty permalinks functionality

1.8.9 – (25th July, 2015)

- Improved: Enhanced compatibility with WHMCS V.6.1

1.8.8 – (10th July, 2015)

- New: New option to un-register WHMpress in Settings > Register
- New: New option to override WHMCS base URL, this makes WHMpress compatible with "MultiBrand for WHMCS" from modulegarden.com
- New: New shortcode New [whmpress_announcements]

1.8.7 – (1st July, 2015)

- New WPML compatible.

1.8.4 – (June 11, 2015)

- New: Client groups support in domain pricing New.
- New: More strings in translation New.
- New: New parameter New in [whmpress_price_matrix_domain]
- New: New parameter New in [whmpress_domain_search_ajax]

1.8.3 – (June 2, 2015)

- New: Password save option available in Sync WHMCS page.
- Fixed: Minor bugs Fixed.

1.8.2 – (May 28 , 2015)

- New: New options in Client Area settings page.

1.8.1 – (May 27 , 2015)

- New: New parameter (show_description) New in [whmpress_price_box]

1.8.0 – 22 May 15 –

- Fixed: Tweeked to work better with Client Area

1.7.0 – 20 May 15 –

- Fixed: Domain search with few registrar Fixed
- New: Multilingual support
- New: Debug information New and send to author for better support

1.6.0 – 14 May 15 –

- New: New New options in client area
- New: Purchase verification method New
- Fixed: Serveral bugs fixes.

1.5.3 – 28 April 15 –

- New: New options for Client Area addon supported 
- Fixed: jQuery(...) is not a function" 
- Fixed: for shortcode "whmpress_price_table_domain" parameter hide_search was not working. 

1.5.1 – 25 April 15 –

- New: Support for -WHMCS Client Area" Addon. 
- New: WHMCS Client Area Addon Shortcodes New. 

1.5.0 – 22 April 15

- New: Compatible with "WHMpress Addon - WHMCS Client Area"
- Fixed: json_encode Pretty output compatibility with PHP v5.29 and less

1.4.1 – 17 April 15 –

- Improved: Search ajax form (when not redirected to other pages) is now truly ajax oriented

1.4.0 – 16 April 15 –

- New: [whmpress_url] - See documentation for more info.
- Fixed: Domain ajax search result (Domain available/Not available) messages from settings page Fixed.
- Fixed: No. of years in bulk domain search and minor bug Fixed
- Fixed: Logic of showing monthly/annually values in order combo improved
- Improved: DB collation and structure problems Fixed on Sync time.
- Improved: Domain table prices with no. of years

1.3.1, 1.3.2 – 23 March 15 –

-New: Advanced settings page New in Admin > Settings for URL over write.
-New: data-content property New in price_matrix and whmpress_price_matrix_domain table for responsive table (Requested by Alaska Development Team)
-Fixed: Getting correct currency in search_ajax_result
-Fixed: When WHMCS not synced, Errors Fixed when WordPress debug is enabled
-Improved: Top admin bar WHMpress menu removed.

1.3.0 – 22 March 15 –

- New: Shortcode New [whmpress_pricing_table]
- New: Shortcode New [whmpress_register_user]
- New: Shortcode New [whmpress_login_form]
- New: Shortcode New [whmpress_register_url]
- New: Visual Composer functionality New.
- New: Template system New for create very custom theme. (See documentation)
- New: 6 parameters New in shortcode [whmpress_pricing_table]
    1. font_icon,
    2. description,
    3. image
    4. custom_text_1
    5. custom_text_2
    6. custom_text_3
    (These parameters will work only with New template system)
- Fixed: Selected theme file was not correctly selected in admin panel.
- Fixed: Recognizing free product and do not show price for that product.
- Improved: parameter box_type removed from shortcode [whmpress_price_box]

1.2.0 – 28 February 15 –

- New: New shortcode New [whmpress_price_table_group] - Now you can display beautiful and responsive price tables
- New: Session controls according to server settings.
- Fixed: WHMpress will fill auto empty prefixes and suffixes of currencies
- Improved: Admin panel look feel improved
- Improved: Contact us link New on extensions page in WHMpress panel for better support
- Improved: Clearly mentioned that Ajax Domain Search & Whois is completely free and part of basic package
- Improved: Completely compatible with WordPress 4.0, 4.1

1.1.2 – 9 February 2015 –

- New: Show symbol settings" New for either to show prefix, postfix or currency code with [whmpress_price_table] and [whmpress_price_table_domain] 
- New: Domain list from WHMCS to WHMpress admin in Products/Services 
- New: [whmpress_domain_search_extended_ajax] shortcode to search all available domains even those not listed in WHMCS.
- New: New shortcode New [whmpress_domain_search_extended_ajax] 
- New: New shortcode for bulk domain search [whmpress_domain_search_bulk] 
- New: New shortcode to check whois [whmpress_whois] 
- New: New option to show domain price with searched domains for all domain search shortcodes.
- Fixed: After the domain list finishes, load more button was still showing 
- Fixed: Register domain link was appearing also for domains that are not listed in WHMCS

1.1.1 -17 January 15 –

- New: Option to change decimal seperator 
- New: Decimal point option in whmpress_price_table_domain shortcode.

1.1.0 -15 January 15 –

- New: Ajax domain search in base package

1.0.9 -9 January 15

- Fixed: PHP warning while saving settings.
- Improved:	Error handling while saving settings.
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