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Change Log

Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)

6.2-revision-5 (12-1-2024)

- price matrix extended bug fix

6.2-revision-4 (16-12-2023)

- remove Deprecated error with Fusion Builder(Avada theme)

6.2-revision-3 (04-11-2023)

- currency combo selector issue solve

6.2-revision-2 (31-10-2023)

- set currency info error

6.2-revision-1 (20-09-2023)

- Add Tiny button in WordPress rich text

6.2-revision-0 (06-09-2023)

-Tested with WHMCS 8.7, PHP 8.2 and WP 6.3

6.1-revision-0 (15-08-2023)

- Improve Price Matrix Domain
- Added swedish translations
- Fixed pricing slab issue in price matrix domain
- Fixed warnings in whmpress.class
- Make compatible with elementor 3.4.6
- Fixed thousand separator issue in price shortcode
- Number format issue fixed in the bundle pricing table
- Warnings fixed in domain price list shortcode
- Added Vietnamese translations
- Added Addon in the plugin.
- Addon Conflict resolved.
- target blank in the order button.

6.0-revision-5 (26-04-2023)

- Typo fixed insession cache limiter

6.0-revision-4 (07-04-2023)

- Typo fixed in  configurable price declaration

6.0-revision-3 (2-11-2022)

- domain price list currency symbol issue solve

6.0-revision-2 (29-10-2022)

- Order button set behavior to same page load set

6.0-revision-1 (17-08-2022)

- security issue due to session not close
- WHMPRESS SYNC frequency short code added

6.0-revision-0 (24-08-2022)

- Add price filter parameters in Elementor's price matrix extended widget

5.9-revision-9 (05-08-2022)

- Remove Tiny button in wordpress rich text

5.9-revision-8 (04-08-2022)

- Bugs fixed in WHMpress verification process

5.9-revision-7 (28-07-2022)

- Make the "Use Direct WHMCS order process" option.

5.9-revision-6 (25-07-2022)

- Hide all hidden products from shortcodes

5.9-revision-5 (18-06-2022)

- Bug fixed with the dual appearance of price matrix domain in visual composer.

5.9-revision-4 (27-06-2022)

- Improve Plugin verification process

5.9-revision-3 (27-06-2022)

- Bug fixed in group pricing table prices

5.9-revision-2 (31-05-2022)

- Bug fixed with php 8

5.9-revision-1 (12-05-2022)

- Adding Widget templates security

5.9-revision-0 (22-04-2022)

- Adding display text option in the tooltip

5.8-revision-9 (22-03-2022)

- Setting specific products in price matrix issue fixed

5.8-revision-8 (25-02-2022)

- Price decimals issue fixed

5.8-revision-7 (15-02-2022)

- Extensions order issue fixed

5.8-revision-6 (25-01-2022)

- Fixed issues with PHP 8

5.8-revision-5 (17-01-2022)

- Fixed WHMCS Syncing Fatal Errors.
- Fixed Style issue in whmpress-21.tpl template.
- Added New Pricing Table named whmpress-24.tpl.

5.8-revision-4 (12-01-2022)

- Issue fixed in rendering billingcycle in price domain list

5.8-revision-3 (10-01-2022)

- Make it Compatible with PHP 8

5.8-revision-2 (07-01-2022)

- Bug Fixed in WHMpress Price.
- Bug Fixed -> Price Matrix Domain rendering issue in wp-bakery page builder.

5.8-revision-1 (28-12-2021)

- target blank in the order button.

5.8-revision-0 (04-12-2021)

- Added Addon in the plugin.
- Addon Conflict resolved.

5.7-revision-9 (24-11-2021)

- Added Vietnamese translations

5.7-revision-8 (22-11-2021)

- Warnings fixed in domain price list shortcode

5.7-revision-7 (12-11-2021)

- Number format issue fixed in the bundle pricing table

5.7-revision-6 (23-10-2021)

- Fixed warnings in whmpress.class
- Make compatible with elementor 3.4.6
- Fixed thousand separator issue in price shortcode

5.7-revision-5 (09-09-2021)

- Fixed pricing slab issue in price matrix domain

5.7-revision-4 (09-09-2021)

- Added swedish translations

5.7-revision-3 (27-07-2021)

- Improve Price Matrix Domain.

5.7-revision-2 (19-07-2021)

- Add hide show parameters in Price Matrix Domain.

5.7-revision-1 (08-07-2021)

- Bugs fixed in Domain Price shortcode.

5.7-revision-0 (03-07-2021)

- Improve loading time in Price Matrix Domain
- Removed commented code.

5.6-revision-7 (24-06-2021)

- Typo fixed in elementor widgets.

5.6-revision-6 (03-06-2021)

- Bug fixed about data tables in Price matrix domain.

5.6-revision-5 (17-05-2021)

- localize script warning fixed.
- debug window from domain search ajax removed.


- Removing Price Box from Elementor issue fixed.
- Adding the new template currency combo.

5.6-revision-3 (08-01-2021)

- Js warning fixed.
- Add domain categories option.
- Fixed issue in whmpress_price shortcode.
- Add domain category shortcode.
- Improve domain search ajax.

5.6-revision-2 (9-12-2020)

- Add new pricing table template.


- Add a parameter to the domain search ajax shortcode to search desired tlds.


- Improve SQL issues about tld tables on plugin initiate.


- Resolved currency switcher issue in currency combo.


- Resolved SQL issues about tld tables on plugin initiate.


- Again look description in price extended template.


- Session related issue fixed.


- Site health issue fixed due to plugin
- Add more templates for domain price list shortcode.
- bugs fixed in pricing table design.


- Little CSS changing


- Translate price prefix and suffix in domain price shortcode


- Bug fixed around picking current currency in whmpress_price shortcode


- Bug fixed around saving country currency settings.


- Added our own category(WHMpress) in Elementor.


- Bug fixed in rendering tlds


- Bug fixed pic templates about picking images


- Make compatible with WHMCS 7.10


- Bug fixed about currency switching in Domain price shortcode


- Add pricing table templates and order combo templates


- Add whmpress section in pricing tables

5.3 -revision-1

- Added order combo templates


- Implement Pricing slab in Price Matrix Domain.
- Added template for Price Matrix Domain (ul li implementation).
- Fixed Default country currency issue when default settings are saved.


- Fixed warnings in vc.php


- Fixed CSS issue when author picks it's own templates
- Add both prefix and suffix with price in domain price matrix


- Fixed Decimal symbol issue if fraction is empty in Domain price.
- Fixed Decimal symbol in order combo.
- Fixed issue in WHMpress notice on settings page


- Add an option to show both prefix and suffix with price
- Fixed Decimal and thousand separator problem in pricing table.


- Add more whois servers in the list


- Add Registrar column in Domain pricing section.

5.2 24/10/2019

- Fix Speed issues

5.1-revision-0 16/10/2019

- Bug fixed in price matrix extended shortcode
- Styling Issues fixed in price matrix extended shortcode
- Fix Detail button issue while set the shortcode (Price Matrix Extended) by Elementor

5.0-revision-9 11/10/2019

- broken language code fixed in header of domain matrix

5.0-revision-8 04-10-2019

- language strings added for price matrix domain style1 n style2
- "s" was being added through code for years, properly implimented now through language strings.
- pot file updated, and all language files synced to match with pot.

5.0-revision-7 03-10-2019

- Currency Selector / Currency combo > added basic template

5.0-revision-6 03-10-2019

- Domain price matrix, reverse parameters for yes/no issues fixed.
- Domain pirce matrix > elementor not accepting category parameters fixed.

5.0-revision-5 26-9-2019

- Elemontor delete issues fixed
- Elemontor rendering issues for certain shortcodes fixed

5.0-revision-3 23-9-2019

- price issue fixed for monthly price.
- currency session issue's fixed.

5.0-revision-2 19-9-2019

- Fixed decimal issue, decimal should not be from WHMCS but from plugin default settings.

5.0-revision-0 02-8-2019

- Fixed decimal issue, currency issue and some others

5.0 06-24-2019

- Compatible with elementor page builder

4.9.2-revision-3 05-31-2019

- Domain search bulk bug fixed

4.9.2-revision-2 5-22-2019

- Smarty section template implemented

4.9.2-revision-1 5-14-2019

- Price Table Extended with smarty template only page 1


- Improve Price Table Extended
- session_cache_limiter implemented


- Price Table Extended new shortcode implemented.

4.9.1 4-23-2019

- Currency combo: Pass currency id to URL
- Implement order combo override url in pricing table
- Implement filter domains in domain search ajax extended

4.9.0-revision-4 4-13-2019

- Thousand separator bug fix

4.9.0-revision-3 3-20-2019

-Include quick search in domain matrix bug fix

4.9.0-revision-2 3-5-2019

Reverse the html template array of Pricing table for fusion builder
4.9.0-revision-1 3-5-2019
Currency combo bug fix.


- Round price flag implemented


- Compatible with fusion builder


- Currency Combo and Country currency bug fixed
- Removed special characters and spaces from Domain search Ajax
  and Domain search extened
- Compatibility confirmed with WordPress 5


- Purchase code issue fixed


- New: Domain search bulk and whois search domains on other pages


- New: Added country-specific currency option
- New: whois refactor
- New: Sync options in shortcodes
- New: Nexum license message implementation


- New: Compatibility with WCOP/ WCAP 2.7
- New: 7.2 checked with VC.
- New: Domain search bulk, bug fixes
- New: Domain Search ajax Bug fixes
- New: The .pk domain name should be greater the 3
- New: Stripeslashes in tooltips


- New: Several Bugs Fixed


- New: Added new pricing tables


- Improved: Changed translation context for admin strings
- Improved: Changed translation context for admin strings
- Fixed - message for domain_search_extended shortcode
- Improve: Translated some untranslated strings in default strings
- Removed: option for debug info to be mailed to the author
- Fixed - bug where child theme templates are not being returned.
- Improved: domain_price shortcode with new functions.
- New: Added new URL override Parameter in pricing table shortcode
- New: Prefix, suffix problem in domain search ajax is resolved.
- Fixed - domain search Ajax page count parameter
- New: Optimized domain_price shortcode to respond to all parameters.
- New: Added new URL append Parameter in pricing table shortcode
- New: Added new URL append Parameter in order button shortcode

4.6- (17-Jan-2018)

- New: - Domain search ajax extended (with multi-domain-selection) shortcode to work with WCOP/ WCAP Fixed - removed shortcodes related to the legacy version of client area 
- Improved - Admin dashboard improvements
- New: Colors implemented for pricing tables from shortcode
- Removed: cloud flare hosted files
- New: Pricing not showing bug fixed in domain search ajax
- New: Domain search extended only show if WCAP or WCOP is installed
- Fixed - domain search ajax not accepting default parameters for trailing zeros and decimals
- New: Implemented tooltips and custom list icons
- New: Added new parameters to pricing table shortcode to accommodate tooltips, icons, and a new parameter to not process
- Fixed - domain register links for WHMCS
- Fixed - domain_search_ajax (was showing extra domains even if were skipped)
- Removed: extra text from simple-1 pricing template
- New: Tax support implemented in price_i shortcode
- New: Added slick slider in WHMPress > removed from WPCT
- Fixed - issues with duration conversion codes to be used with WPCT
- Fixed - smarty template bug for domain search ajax, converted to lower before comparing parameters
- Fixed - duration style and duration connector correctly in pricing tables.
- New: Domain search bulk rendering is now fixed.
- New: Order link for domain now opens in a new window
- improvements in verify process
- improvement: Pricing tables are now following the price format given in WP settings
- New: Added missing currency suffix in whmpress-9 and easy web custom tables. Pending in rest
- New: Domain search extended is now honoring the next URL, same page divs are not supported
- New: Domain search bulk, parameters, and templates are implemented
- New: Domain search extended improvements

4.5-revision.1 – (9 Jan, 2018)

Tested with WHMCS 7.4.1
Fixed - bug in domain whois link fixed
Fixed - bug in transfer link to direct WHMCS
Fixed- removed shortcodes related to legacy version of client area
New- Domain search ajax extended shortcode to work with WCOP/ WCAP

4.3 – (20 Nov, 2017)

Fixed - remove pre tag from order combo page
Fixed - fixed a bug in check plugin activation
Improved - refined URL generation in relation to COP, CAP and WHMCS
Improved - refactored domain search whois code
Improved - refactored code and removed refrences of lagacy client area
Fixed - Fixed VC latest version bug: all shortcodes now work with VC
Fixed - Fixed Cron Jobs bug, that will keep adding the cron jobs again and again in WP
Improved - Changed currency session from "currency" to "whcom_currency"
New - compatibility with WP 4.9
New - URLs updated to match with new client area scheme
Fixed - UTF-8 encoding bug removed

4.1.2 – (06 July, 2017)

Fixed - Domain search ajax > fixed registration links issue when domain spinning is disabled
New - Domain search ajax > implemented URL to append in domain search
New - Added convert to monthly price (sudo monthly price) feature to pricing table
Fixed - Price Matrix was not showing price to right of thousand separator

4.0 – (30 May 2017)

- New: Compatibly confirmed with WHMCS 7.2
- New: New shortcodes for product bundles
- New: Features to support, WHMCS Cart & Order Pages for WHMCS
- Improved: Updated domain matrix styles with new search options
- Improved: Currency formats per language bases
- Improved: Shortcode inserter (for non Visual composer users) is much improved and now offers 
grouped properties

3.1.1 – (21 December 2016)

- New: Compatibility confirmed with 4.7
- New: Compatibly confirmed with WHMCS 7.1
- Improved: code refactored for 
- Fixed: Warnings with WHMCS Client Area v.4

2.9.4 – (11th, September 2016)

- New: Compatibility with PHP7
- New: 3 new pricing tables templates added
- New: Adoptive templates added for Porto and Kalays themes
- Fixed: Missing translation strings in domain search AJAX

2.9.1 – (20th July, 2016)

- New: Auto-SYNC WHMCS, or do it through your own cronjob
- New: Override Plan/Service Names & Details from WHMCS according to the current language. This was a long awaited feature.
- New: Additional details can be set for services.

2.8.2 – (9th June, 2016)

- Updated: New languages added: Arabic
- Updated: Missing strings added to language files.

2.8 – (30th April, 2016)

- Updated: New languages added: French, German
- Updated: compatiblity with ver. 2.8 of client Area Addon

2.7.6 – (25th April, 2016)

- Improved: Compatibility ensured with WP 4.5 & WHMCS 6.3.1
- Fixed: Domain_Search_Ajax with results on 2nd page now possible in div of your choice.
- New: Option to select use of UTF decode/encode in complex situations.

2.7.6 – (25th April, 2016)

- Improved: Compatibility ensured with WP 4.5 & WHMCS 6.3.1
- Fixed: Domain_Search_Ajax with results on 2nd page now possible in div of your choice.
- New: Option to select use of UTF decode/encode in complex situations.

2.6.6 – (28th March, 2016)

- New: Option to select number of rows in product matrix shortcodes while data tables are enabled.
- Fixed: Compatibility issue of WHMpress data tables with WHMCS data tables.
- Fixed: UTF-8 Encoding/decoding issue for some languages.
- Fixed: Custom decimal point character was not working in templates.
- Fixed: Several tweaks. 

2.6.1 – (2nd March, 2016)

- New: Domain Search Ajax > To show search results on same page on a div of your choice, without page reload.
- Removed: Domain Search Results Shortcode > As you can mention div to show ajax results now.
- Fixed: Domain Price Matrix > price for domains with minimum 2 years of registration period.

2.5.1 – (14th December, 2015)

- New: Compatibility with WHMCS 6.2
- New: New: Compatibility with WordPress 4.4
- Fixed: Domain Search Ajax: Ongoing domains order buttons now pass correct extension to WHMCS for domain orders.
- Improved: LESS CSS, in standard and minimized versions

2.4 – (18th November, 2015)

- New: Datatables implimented in Price Matrix, This help you with pagination and search options with very long list of domains.
- New: Added matching CSS and price tables, domain search, domain search whois etc for 5 famous hosting themes.

2.1 – (7th November, 2015)

- New: Discount type options with Pricing tables
- New: Added Custom CSS Optios

1.9.5 – (9th September, 2015)

- New: You can now show order buttons in price_matrix ShortCodes.
- New: Options to return prices as, "WHMCS Default", Inclusive Tax, Exclusive Tax and Tax only.
- New: IDN support in ajax domain search
- New: Default parameters moved to plugin options, resulting in cleaner shortcodes and more control.
- New: compatiablitly with Visual Composer 4.7.4
- New: Option to hide price & years in domain_search_ajax.
- Improved: Cleaned up and fine tuned CSS
- Fixed: Minimum price is now calculated correctly with all type of configurable.
- Fixed: whois now works fine with all tlds. 
- Removed: [whmpress_register_url] and [whmpress_register_user] have been removed as same functions are now available in as it is now part of http://whmcs.whmpress.com/ 
- Notes: (1)Due to database structure changes in WHMCS, "show hidden services" option in price matrix is no more compatible with WHMCS v5.

1.8.16 – (9th September, 2015)

- New: New option in domain ajax search to select landing page
- Fixed: Several bug fixes
- Improved: Several Improved in existing features.

1.8.10 – (4th August, 2015)

- New: compatiblity with WHMCS Client Area addon - version. 1.4.0
- Imprvoed: Pretty permalinks functionality

1.8.9 – (25th July, 2015)

- Improved: Enhanced compatibility with WHMCS V.6.1

1.8.8 – (10th July, 2015)

- New: New option to un-register WHMpress in Settings > Register
- New: New option to override WHMCS base URL, this makes WHMpress compatible with "MultiBrand for WHMCS" from modulegarden.com
- New: New shortcode New 
July 4, 2015 - this is 2nd news

Here you go, this is 2nd news here and it may go long. Here you go, this is 2nd news here and it may go long.Here

April 20, 2015 - This is a test announcement

here is it man.

1.8.7 – (1st July, 2015)

- New WPML compatible.

1.8.4 – (June 11, 2015)

- New: Client groups support in domain pricing New.
- New: More strings in translation New.
- New: New parameter New in 
DomainPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.com$15.01 $15$15
.net$15.01 $15$15
.biz$151 $0$15
.org$151 $15$15
.uk$252 $0$25
.co.uk$151 $0$15
.org.uk$151 $0$0
.me.uk$151 $0$0
.pw$171 $0$0
.in$171 $0$0
.co.in$171 $0$0
.net.in$171 $0$0
.org.in$171 $0$0
.get.in$171 $0$0
.firm.in$171 $0$0
.ind.in$171 $0$0
.cn$201 $0$0
.com.cn$201 $0$0
.net.cn$201 $0$0
.org.cn$201 $0$0
- New: New parameter New in

1.8.3 – (June 2, 2015)

- New: Password save option available in Sync WHMCS page.
- Fixed: Minor bugs Fixed.

1.8.2 – (May 28 , 2015)

- New: New options in Client Area settings page.

1.8.1 – (May 27 , 2015)

- New: New parameter (show_description) New in 

1.8.0 – 22 May 15 –

- Fixed: Tweeked to work better with Client Area

1.7.0 – 20 May 15 –

- Fixed: Domain search with few registrar Fixed
- New: Multilingual support
- New: Debug information New and send to author for better support

1.6.0 – 14 May 15 –

- New: New New options in client area
- New: Purchase verification method New
- Fixed: Serveral bugs fixes.

1.5.3 – 28 April 15 –

- New: New options for Client Area addon supported 
- Fixed: jQuery(...) is not a function" 
- Fixed: for shortcode "whmpress_price_table_domain" parameter hide_search was not working. 

1.5.1 – 25 April 15 –

- New: Support for -WHMCS Client Area" Addon. 
- New: WHMCS Client Area Addon Shortcodes New. 

1.5.0 – 22 April 15

- New: Compatible with "WHMpress Addon - WHMCS Client Area"
- Fixed: json_encode Pretty output compatibility with PHP v5.29 and less

1.4.1 – 17 April 15 –

- Improved: Search ajax form (when not redirected to other pages) is now truly ajax oriented

1.4.0 – 16 April 15 –

- New: http://whmcs.whmpress.com/ - See documentation for more info.
- Fixed: Domain ajax search result (Domain available/Not available) messages from settings page Fixed.
- Fixed: No. of years in bulk domain search and minor bug Fixed
- Fixed: Logic of showing monthly/annually values in order combo improved
- Improved: DB collation and structure problems Fixed on Sync time.
- Improved: Domain table prices with no. of years

1.3.1, 1.3.2 – 23 March 15 –

-New: Advanced settings page New in Admin > Settings for URL over write.
-New: data-content property New in price_matrix and whmpress_price_matrix_domain table for responsive table (Requested by Alaska Development Team)
-Fixed: Getting correct currency in search_ajax_result
-Fixed: When WHMCS not synced, Errors Fixed when WordPress debug is enabled
-Improved: Top admin bar WHMpress menu removed.

1.3.0 – 22 March 15 –

- New: Shortcode New 	
Invalid Product ID Provided
- New: Shortcode New [whmpress_register_user] - New: Shortcode New - New: Shortcode New [whmpress_register_url] - New: Visual Composer functionality New. - New: Template system New for create very custom theme. (See documentation) - New: 6 parameters New in shortcode
Invalid Product ID Provided
1. font_icon, 2. description, 3. image 4. custom_text_1 5. custom_text_2 6. custom_text_3 (These parameters will work only with New template system) - Fixed: Selected theme file was not correctly selected in admin panel. - Fixed: Recognizing free product and do not show price for that product. - Improved: parameter box_type removed from shortcode

1.2.0 – 28 February 15 –

- New: New shortcode New [whmpress_price_table_group] - Now you can display beautiful and responsive price tables
- New: Session controls according to server settings.
- Fixed: WHMpress will fill auto empty prefixes and suffixes of currencies
- Improved: Admin panel look feel improved
- Improved: Contact us link New on extensions page in WHMpress panel for better support
- Improved: Clearly mentioned that Ajax Domain Search & Whois is completely free and part of basic package
- Improved: Completely compatible with WordPress 4.0, 4.1

1.1.2 – 9 February 2015 –

- New: Show symbol settings" New for either to show prefix, postfix or currency code with [whmpress_price_table] and [whmpress_price_table_domain] 
- New: Domain list from WHMCS to WHMpress admin in Products/Services 
- New: [whmpress_domain_search_extended_ajax] shortcode to search all available domains even those not listed in WHMCS.
- New: New shortcode New [whmpress_domain_search_extended_ajax] 
- New: New shortcode for bulk domain search 

- New: New shortcode to check whois [whmpress_whois] - New: New option to show domain price with searched domains for all domain search shortcodes. - Fixed: After the domain list finishes, load more button was still showing - Fixed: Register domain link was appearing also for domains that are not listed in WHMCS

1.1.1 -17 January 15 –

- New: Option to change decimal seperator 
- New: Decimal point option in whmpress_price_table_domain shortcode.

1.1.0 -15 January 15 –

- New: Ajax domain search in base package

1.0.9 -9 January 15

- Fixed: PHP warning while saving settings.
- Improved:	Error handling while saving settings.
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