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Pricing Tables

Pricing tables are one most demanded feature in hosting companies, even more than the domain search. That’s the reason we are have made a dedicated section to hold the features of pricing tables.

Other than its own extensive library of 50 pricing tables designs, WHMPress also offers specially crafted templates to match designs with most famous themes. So you do not need to change even colors in most of the cases.


For ease of selection, pricing table templates are divided into 4 categories.

Type Colors Featured Promo Text Tooltips List Icon Icons/Image*
Minimal  None  NO  NO  NO  NO  NO
Simple Primary  NO  NO  NO  NO  NO
Basic Primary/Secondary  YES YES YES  NO  NO
Mod Primary/Secondary  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES

If you are using a custom-built theme and none of our designs match your requirements, you can easily customize templates look and feel, see template customization guide here.


Tooltips could be defined in WHMPress > Settings > Pricing Tables Sections. When a tooltip key is matched, tooltip text will appear.

List Icon

Modern templates support list Icons, this font-awesome (or any other type of icons) are defined in WHMpress > Settings > Pricing tables > Icon Class. When the key is matched list is replaced with icons.

Customizing a templates

You can copy the templates to your theme folder and make your modifications.This ensures that your customizations are retained during plugin updates. When you use customization templates you can instruct WHMPress to use those templates from WHMPress > settings > styles.


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