WHMCS Client Area

This will bring ordering functions and WHMCS client area to WordPress. Users will not link to WHMCS anymore, and whole order process will complete on WordPress site including user login/ registration.

The plugin WHMCS Client Area Plugin, (WCAP) is used to bring WHMCS client area into your WordPress front end. Your WHMCS customers can login to their WHMCS accounts from WordPress. It also offers standard ordering and cart functionality. WCAP is API based alternate to WHMCS-Bridge with a one-time payment and lifetime updates.

Build with API’s

WCAP is based on WHMCS API; hence it will not fetch whole WHMCS client area as its (like in case of WHMCS-Bridge). Instead, it transfers only data then renders the data using standard WordPress techniques. This makes it super easy to change the look & feel with WP.

Style it Up

WCAP has built-in style options. WCAP is coded to inherit fonts, headings and core styling from your WP theme. To tweak further, you can quickly change colors, borders from within the admin panel. By design, it works with any WP theme, and the styling is no more depended on your WHMCS styling.

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack, is a series of plugins designed and built for web hosts who sell with WHMCS & WordPress as frontend. Each plugin works independently and yet collaborates with other WHMPress plugins when installed.