WHMCS Modules

Client Password
Reset Module

This powerful module empowers administrators to securely reset passwords within the WHMCS platform.

10$ One Time Fee

Server IP
Blacklist Checker

The module continuously monitors the status of server IP addresses in real-time, ensuring that any changes in their blacklisting status are promptly detected.

10$ /Month

Hetzner Cloud
Server Module

The Hetzner Cloud Servers for WHMCS module automates the provisioning and management of Hetzner Cloud virtual machines. Your clients can choose from a range of options to customize their servers.

10$ /Month

Payment Gateway Transaction fees/charges

WHMCS's Payment Gateway Transaction Fees module allows you to add customize transaction fees for multiple gateways, support dynamic currency and exclude specific clients.

15$ /Month

Auto Cpanel/Plesk Server login Whmcs Server module

Our Auto Login Module simplifies the process of accessing and managing hosting accounts from within WHMCS, eliminating manual login procedures.

Free 10$ Setup Fee

Bank Transaction Server Module

Our Bank Transaction Server Module facilitates secure and efficient bank transactions within the WHMCS platform. It enables institutions to integrate banking features for smooth transaction processing and enhanced customer experience.

10$ /Month

Bulk Pricing Update Server Module

Our Bulk Pricing Update Server Module streamlines pricing management for hosting providers by allowing them to update pricing directly from their WHMCS dashboard. This saves time and effort while ensuring pricing accuracy and consistency across all offerings.

10$ /Month

Server ip unban from CSF & bruteforce

Our Server IP Unban and Brute Force Protection Module offers a comprehensive solution to manage server security by quickly unblocking IP addresses and implementing robust brute force protection mechanisms against malicious login attempts.

15$ /Month