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Domain Price List

This will include all domains with their names, registration price, renew price, the transfer price, and the registration period with different styles.



  • html_template: Different templates are available in this shortcode. Here is the choice to choose different HTML templates.
  • currency: Used with multi-currency, set the Currency in which price is displayed, if not mentioned session currency is used (which user have selected), if no session is found, currency set as default in WHMCS is used.
  • show_renewel: Yes or No to show the renewal price of the relevant domain.
  • show_transfer: Yes or No to show transfer price of the relevant domain.
  • show_tlds: comma-separated values of TLDs to list in the table. Only TLDs that exists in WHMCS will be added. No spaces in comma-separated values.
  • show_tlds_wildcard: show only TLDs matching with the given string. Very useful if you want to show only TLDs related to your country, e.g. “.pk”
  • action_url: A page where the user will be redirected upon clicking any domain in the list.
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