Wish you could integrate WHMCS with WordPress without hiring programmers?
With WHMpress  it’s as easy as inserting ShortCodes.




Quickly build your website using WHMpress. Select your WHMCS elements, configure the options, and easily embed it into your WordPress powered Webhosting site.

WHMpress fetches your hosting plan names, prices, order links & domain lists from WHMCS and shows in the form of fancy pricing tables, order combos, order buttons & domain price tables. It offers you Shortcodes to insert these components into your WordPress webhosting site exactly the way you want and where you want.


High Speed

WHMpress caches your WHMCS configurations into WordPress once and then use it from within the WordPress. This is how WHMCS Bridge is created without compromising speed and security.

Pricing Options

Bridge WHMCS and WordPress with selectable currency. The way you show pricing, WHMpress makes it easier and fancier. It gives you multiple options to format the pricing.


Auto Calculated Discounts

WHMpress isn’t just for replicating pricing from WHMCS. It can also calculate discounts that you are offering on multi-year pricing and show right into ordering combos. Showing visitors how much they will save is a proven way to increase sales.


1 Minute Easy setup

We hate asking for obvious things that’s why we have kept the setup as simple as possible and let WHMpress learn from your WHMCS settings. All it takes is to enter WHMCS db connection info and it will fetch all the required data & settings.


Configurable on all levels

Set your default preferences at site level or give at for each Shortcode to fit a specific scenario.



WHMpress functionality is not limited; it is designed to be extendable. Some extensions are available and some are coming right on the way




WHMCS is a complete client management system, supporting provisioning, billing & support for any online  business. It is the first choice of almost all reseller, entrepreneurs, small and medium hosting businesses.



WordPress is probably the easiest and most powerful website & blogging content management system. A Large number of SME hosting providers use it WordPress as CMS for selling hosting.



WHMpress is fusion of WHMCS and WordPress. It helps you to embed WHMCS packages, prices, order links, order combos, domain tables, price matrix into your WordPress based web-hosting selling site. It helps you bridge WHMCS with WordPress.




Shortcodes A Shortcode for every thing. Shortcode Details
Rock Solid Code WHMpress has been coded tightly to WordPress standards.
Tested Rigorously It has been tested to work without flaw for 8 months on live sites before it is made publicly available.
Tested with top sold themes Although WHMPress works with all themes, we have gone a step further to test and optimize it with top selling themes for WordPress like Avada and 3Clicks.
Extensive Documentation Resource WHMpress is heavily documented to make sure that you have trouble free experience in integrating your hosting site.
Lot of examples WHMpress shortcode demonstration area lets you chose a short code.
Continuously under development WHMpress is continuously under development and new features will keep coming all the way long
WHMCS-bridge Compatibility Starting from version 1.3, WHMpress is not fully compatible with famous WHMCS-bridge.
Built with security in mind Worried about your WHMCS security and server and clients data? WHMCS password is never stored. Your WHMCS is 100% secure.