Wish you could integrate WHMCS with WordPress without hiring programmers?

WHMpress is a unique plugin, and it will help you quickly build your web hosting a website with WordPress. It offers WHMCS data (product info, prices, order links) within WP that you can insert into your pages without coding a single line. If you have been manually inserting your products and prices in the past or taking help of a programmer to link WHMCS, those days are over.

WHMpress gives components to build sales and lead pages like pricing tables, order combos, order buttons & domain price tables prefilled with data from WHMCS. These components are offered in shortcodes so you can insert these wherever you like within your WordPress web hosting site.

Shortcodes Templates (Skins)

WHMPress allows you to change the face of all the shortcodes it offers. It is very useful when you plan to match complex pricing tables with your existing WP themes. WHMPress includes than 50 Pricing table templates/ layouts + Plus many more matching with popular WP themes. And thanks to WHMpess template-driven architecture, if you know HTML/CSS, you can create your template without changing shortcode PHP codes.

If matching components for your theme are not available as yet, send us a request on support, we will make matching shortcode templates add it in next update.

Currency Switcher

WHMPress offers multi-currency pricing, letting your end user select the preferred currency from within WP site while browsing the website. If you are using WP with WHMCS, usually users will have the option to change currency only when they start placing the order. Moreover, advanced users can even configure to change auto change currency depending on customers country.


WHMPress caches your prices, domains lists and everything else needed into WordPress, so it does not have to fetch it from WHMCS every time. This is how WHMPress creates a WHMCS Bridge with WordPress without compromising speed and security.

Auto Calculated Discounts

WHMpress isn’t just for replicating pricing from WHMCS. Its WP WHMCS integration goes one step further with calculating discounts that you are offering on multi-year pricing and show right into pricing tables and order links. Showing visitors how much they will save is a proven way to increase sales.

Extremely flexible Ajax Domain Search

Ajax domain search comes with many options that you can set from WHMPress Admin Panel. Search and home page but show results on your domain page.

Ajax based domain search fully integrated with WHMCS for ordering domains alone and with hosting packages.

Multiple instances supported Do not limit the domain search to one page only, Put the search box on the top bar, slider or home page and redirect the results to your domain page.

  • Support all cctlds (with or without whois server)
  • Display suggested domains extensions through Ajax
  • Bulk search option
  • Four different Shortcodes to suit your specific needs
  • Separate shortcodes for domain search and display results for ultimate flexibility
  • Fully customize your domain search messages from within the admin panel

There is a whole list of features that are developed over the time of four years with feedback from our valued customers. You will not find with any other WP-WHMCS bridge or WP-WHMCS Integration solution. … scroll down for more.

Why you need WHMPress?

Your Sale and landing pages are what your customer sees first. Any outdated information or broken links will result in a customer lost forever. In recent years, services portfolio of even small hosts has grown to at least 30 products including different types of hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, SSL from several providers and a long, long list of domains. It is getting harder to keep in sync WHMCS with WordPress Sale pages. This is where WHMPress comes in.

Over 25 Shortcodes


Product Price
Price Matrix Products
Pricing tables
Price boxes
Price Matrix Domain,


Order button
Order combo (with auto discount calculations)
Order links & URLs


Domain Search
Domain Whois
Ajax Domain Search (with name spinner)
Domain Search Extended (Search all 540 domains)
Bulk domain search
Sitewide domain search (search from any page & land results on domains page)


Login Form


Live Currency Changer/ Currency Select
Package Name/ Info
And more …

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WHMCS is a complete hosting management system, supporting provisioning, billing & support for any online business. It is the first choice of almost all reseller, entrepreneurs, small and medium hosting businesses.

WordPress is probably the most natural and most powerful website & blogging content management system. A large number of SME hosting providers use it WordPress as CMS for selling hosting.

WHMpress is a fusion of WHMCS and WordPress. It helps you to embed WHMCS packages, prices, order links, order combos, domain tables, price matrix into your WordPress based web-hosting selling site. It enables you to bridge WHMCS with WordPress.