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Payment Settings

Note: You do not need to enable this option until you are using a Merchant Gateway.

Merchant Gateways store credit card information securely within the WHMCS database. Majority of startup hosts use Third party gateways, which require no configuration in this plugins. To find out more about how payment gateways work, visit below link on WHMCS site. WHMCS Merchant Gateways

Ordering with Third-party & Tokenized Gateways

  1. Customer Selects & configures product
  2. Signups without any payment information
  3. Checkout
  4. Invoice is displayed
  5. Customer pays using payment options shown on invoice

Ordering with Merchant Gateway

  1. Customer Selects & configures product
  2. Signups with credit card information
  3. Customer is charged on checkout

If you want to have order process as “Ordering with Merchant Gateway” and you have a merchant gateway configured in WHMCS, you can enable this option and select gateway to use as default.

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