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4.2-revision-0 (11-10-2023)

-Tested with WHMCS 8.7, PHP 8.2 and WP 6.3

4.1-revision-0 (18-10-2022)

- WCOP verify message is modified

4.0-revision-9 (30-09-2022)

- fix payment gateways 'visible only' issue

4.0-revision-8 (18-08-2022)

- Added primary and secondary colors in elementor widget

4.0-revision-7 (19-07-2022)

- bug fixed in free domains popup in one-page checkout

4.0-revision-6 (16-07-2022)

- Improve the plugin verification process.

4.0-revision-5 (02-06-2022)

- Showing suffix in the store page.

4.0-revision-4 (02-006-2022)

- Bug fixed in the showing product description in summary.

4.0-revision-3 (15-04-2022)

- Setting verification process.

4.0-revision-2 (31-03-2022)

- Totals recurring issues fixed in the elegant template in one-page checkout.

4.0-revision-1 (23-02-2022)

- Added WHMCS help section.

4.0-revision-0 (15-02-2022)

- Fixed Server Jam error when WCAP activates.
- Added Merchant Pay Methods.

3.9-revision-9 (08-02-2022)

- The HTML issue was resolved on the dropdown in order page.

3.9-revision-8 (21-01-2022)

- Hide order form fields according to client choice.

3.9-revision-7 (10-01-2022)

- SSO issue fixed while login during the order process.

3.9-revision-6 (10-01-2022)

- Make it Compatible with PHP 8.

3.9-revision-5 (03-01-2022)

- Product group-related payment options added in one page checkout.

3.9-revision-4 (19-11-2021)

- Added new one-page checkout parameters.

3.9-revision-3 (28-09-2021)

- Mobile issue resolved on mobile view.

3.9-revision-2 (22-10-2021)

- Make compatible with the elementor 3.4.6

3.9-revision-1 (18-09-2021)

-Domain name in order process issue fixed.

3.9-revision-0 (09-09-2021)

-Updated swedish translations.

3.8-revision-9 (09-08-2021)

-Updated German translations.

3.8-revision-8 (04-08-2021)

-Added Greek translations.

3.8-revision-7 (29-06-2021)

- Fixed 06 sleek product selection issue

3.8-revision-6 (19-06-2021)

- Fixed warning in common sections.

3.8-revision-5 (17-06-2021)

- Update Spanish translations.

3.8-revision-4 (7-06-2021)

- Add Number of decimal places option in one page checkout.

3.8-revision-3 (18-03-2021)

- Change decimal places according to currency format in WHMCS.

3.8-revision-2 (12-03-2021)

- Remove Invoice display styles other than minimal.

3.8-revision-1 (09-01-2021)

- Added Registration form shortcode.

3.8 (02-01-2021)

- Make compatible with WHMCS version 8.1


- Fixed some strings translations issues.


- Add dutch translations.


- PHP 7.4 warnings fixed in comman area
- Registration issue fixed with WHMCS 8.0
- Login issue fixed with WHMCS 8.0
- Introduce Discounts in one page checkout.
- Add option to go to invoice directly.


- Make an option to redirect to invoice on order submit or not in admin panel.
- Implement parameter shortforms for one page checkout.
- Implement new parameter in Single page order.
    . show_domain_nameservers
    . hide_server_fields


- Directly go to invoice on order submit.


- Make Plugin compatible with PHP 7.4
- Update spanish language translations.


- Move helper outside the package.
- Session related issues fixed.


- Add new templates for single page checkout.
- Review all one page checkout templates.
- Fixed site health issue due to the plugin.


- show free domain notice issue fixed when Free domain is set to None in WHMCS.
- Lot of changing in one page checkout templates.


- Little CSS changings in 04_ease


- Little CSS changings


- invalid id issue fixed in store shortcode


- Compatibility issue with elementor pro is fixed.


- Added our own category(WCOP) in Elementor.


- Add 10_server template in one page checkout.


- Add 09_collapse template in one page checkout.


- Resolve speed issues
- get translated product name from WHMCS
- Refine 08_gator template
- introduce new parameters in one page checkout
- And Much more


- Bug fixed if "/" occurs in helper response


- Added Gator template of order page and much more changings by Abdul Waheed


- Make WCOP compatible with Elementor

3.4-revision-2 05-08-2019

- hide product step 2nd step, if product is passed and parameter is set.
- move coupon on summary side.
- include product description in summary if parameter is set.

3.4-revision-1 31-07-2019

- Translate Final_Price, Base_price

3.4-revision-0 5-9-2019

- .00 issue fix
- templates bugs fix

3.4 4-23-2019

- Bold Template Improve
- Single Page parameters implement by Get method (Pass through URL)
- Custom Product Label implement by passing through URL
- Get invoice id and print it on order completion page
- Updating rotation on single page bold template
- One Time summery generation implemented
- Order completion custom message with placeholders implemented.
- Hidden configuration option bug fix.

3.3 revision-0 4-13-2019

- Template improve for creativeON

3.3 3-27-2019

- Implement new template 06_sleek
- Improve other templates
- Edit domain feature

3.2 revision-2 3-19-2019

- Order summery not generating issue fixed in single page templates. (Reason: Change the name of templates)

3.2 revision-1 3-13-2019

- Single page not loading bug fixed.

3.2 revision-0 3-5-2019

- Scroll on top at order complete


- shortcode js button for wp classic mode


- Fusion Builder and VC implemented in a better way


- Swedish translation
- Templates name change
- Templates bug fixes


- Compatible with fusion builder and wp bakery


- Tax issue fixed
- Debug log feature implemented
- New single page templates implemented

2.7.4 revision-1

- EPP code in single page checkout implemented

2.7.4 revision-0

- Applied url promocode in single page checkout


- Scroll down bug fix
- Strip spaces from domain search for both product domain and check domain (standard)
- Compatibility confirmed with WordPress 5


- Bug Fixes
- Translations


-Releasing domain first template
- Custom Order completion messages implimented
- Code conversion, scripts implimented
- Hide discount options in order processing


-domain first template implimented


-Compatibility ensured with PHP 7.2
-Compatibility ensured with WHMCS 7.5


- Fixed Tax double show issue


- Serveral tweaks


- Taxes finalized, common updated along with other improvements.


- Country taxes impliment in common and single page


- helper updated.


- Updated language files.


- Fixed verification issue with new name


- custom templates form theme folders implimented
- templates are now in their own folder
- option added to ignore SSL warnings


- Fixed bug in debug showing warning for whcom
- tweaked order process shortcode


- several tweaks


- modified to support styles
- simple_1 style implimented for whmpress_cart_single_page


- plugin verification added
- single page order implemented
- multi-domain orders implemented with new domain search ajax extended shortcode
- custom invoice templates implemented
- whcom updated
- new whmpress helper


- registration implemented


- Basic order process is now same as that of WCAP
- Admin settings and pages improved for better customer experience


- whcom updated
- Billing cycles , separated to ensure responsiveness
- missing templates included in helper


- configure-product product selections tabs do not respond when loaded with Ajax


- gateway selection is now on checkout page
- terms and services for existing customers fixed
- product services links pages
- Free domain bug
- merchant gateway interface improved
- translations optimized


- Added invoice POPUP/ New tab option/ Minimal invoice options
- Fixed Terms of service, bug


- whcom updated


- code-refactored
- all previous code now works with common libarary


- updated whcom with new shortcode, 
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- marchange gateway form fixed
- Admin panel > explain marchant gateway
- bug fixed (in CAP) when both COP/CAP are installed


- Typos fixed.


- Bug fixes > Domain field now prefilled
- Optional fields marked correctly for user registration
- Cards dropdown
- Payment gateway is being updated in client profile.


- HTML/ CSS optimized
- WCOM updated


- Added single page order


- A few refinements in admin section
- WCOM name/text updated

2.0 (b13)

- Exactly matched to WHMCS.

2.0 (b12)

- WCOM updated with main page
- Few bugs removed.

2.0 (b11)

- WCOP + WHMCS template matched.


- All commonly used languages added.


- dutch language file added.


- WCOP is now standalone (WHMpress is not needed for WCOP to work)
- WHMPress Helper is needed by WCOP to work.
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