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Content Box


Content Box


Content Box gives you the brief view of content with an image title and description.

Available Shortcode parameters are:

  • title: Title for content box, It is shown in H3 tab
  • description: description/content for content box
  • style: You have 5 different styles to select
    •  Style-1 (Image Above)
    • Style-2 (Icon Above)
    • Style-3 (Icon/ On left side)
    • Style-4 (Small Icon above)
    • Style-5(small image, description, and button on left side)
  • icon: icon to show in content box for styles 2,3 ,4 & 5.
  • Button Text: Text to show for the button.
  • URL: URL for the page having detailed content.
  • Extra Class Name: Class name containing extra CSS to design particular element in a unique way.


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