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Getting Started

After you have successfully completed the Nexum vizard, your staging site will be set with

  1. Demo pages featuring Nexum short-codes
  2. All components linked to a live WHMCS install

Purpose of this section is to get you familiar with Nexum, especially on sections where it differs from other WordPress themes. And mainly those features are

  1. Linking to WHMCS
  2. Domain Search
  3. Multi-currency Pricing

Linking to WHMCS

Nexum links to WHMCS through WHMpress Plugin. Once WHMpress it is linked to a live WHMCS install, it will cache WHMCS product and other necessary info and will link all its short-codes to your WHMCS for placing orders.

Once WHMpress is successfully synced/ linked to WHMCS, shortcodes from WHMpress and Nexum will be populated with your products/ services information and also use and order links/ buttons will start pointing to your WHMCS install.

Following video demonstrate how to link/ sync to your live install.


Domain Search

Domain search is explained in detail in this article.


Multi-Currency Pricing

Normally when you will link to your WHMCS manually, user have the option to change currency after he is landing on configuration page in WHMCS. This feature allows you to show prices in different currencies (as much currencies you have configured in WHMCS). Customer will select its proffered currency from top bar to change currency site wide.

To enable currency select option, go to Nexum Options > Top Bar > WHMCS > Currency Selector.



You can choose from Drop down or Clickable symbols.




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