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Heading Block


Heading Block


“Heading Block”  offers you a big and bold styled header, which can also be used as a call to action.

Available parameters for Heading Block are following:

  • title: Title for header, It is shown in H2 tab
  • description: Sub Title/ Content to show below from header
  • Show Button: Button show or not in heading block.
  • Button Text: Text to show for the button.
  • URL: URL for the page having detailed content.
  • Extra Class Name: Class name containing extra CSS to design particular element in a unique way.
  • Align: Allignment of heading block center,left or right
  • heading_color: Sets color for title, accepts a hexcode (#000000)
  • content_color: Sets color for subtitle/ content, accepts a hexcode (#000000)
  • button_color: Sets colour for button in heading block, accepts a hexcode (#000000)
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