Adopt Upselling and Cross-selling to Maximize your Web Hosting Business

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Both upselling and cross-selling are effective strategies to target existing or potential clients to convince them to spend more money than they intended. Let’s understand both of the sales concepts with examples to understand the actual difference between them.


In the Upselling, sellers encourage the buyers to move from free to a paid plan, buy an add-on, or migrate to an upgraded plan of the service.  WHMPress sale pages, offer excellent options for upselling by auto calculating discounts and showing how many customers will save. The savings are shown in highlighted style, and there are three different formats to show discounts. For example, someone sells his services on monthly subscriptions to 10,000 subscribers, and each pays $50, but he approaches one of them and motivates him to upgrade his subscription from a basic version to a premium by paying an additional $10. It would help him to explore additional features and definitely help him to do his business in a more controlled and efficient way. Suppose half of the customers are successfully convinced to upgrade, then you can easily generate an additional $120,000 revenue per year.  


On the other hand, cross-selling is the name of an effective sales and marketing technique in which the seller motivates buyers to purchase another product in addition that may be relevant to the primary one.  For example, the seller offers an attractive discount to the customers for purchasing two products. Customers will buy two software licenses and pay an additional $30 per month, where each license costs $50. Suppose you have 10,000 customers and only 1000 subscribers pay for both products; you will definitely get an additional $360,00 revenue per year.

What are the main benefits of Upselling & Cross-selling?

Business success depends on growth and proactive strategies, and adopting upselling and cross-selling is one of them. Let’s take a look at the main advantages that upselling and cross-selling offer:
  • Strengthen your customer relationships:
It is obvious that your customers will utilize premium services, updated features, and other products or services you’re offering. They will achieve their organizational goal due to an updated version of your services based on your customers’ feedback.
  • Increase LTV (Customer’s Lifetime Value):
When customers get what they need to accomplish their business goals and technologically upgraded products and services, then they will stay for a long-term basis and help you to achieve long-term business success. 
  • Build customer equity & Satisfaction:
Upselling and cross-selling increase all your customers’ lifetime value, and they also increase your customers’ equity. Consider the client requirements closely and develop your upgraded versions that help them to get out of the maximum.
  • Business Growth:
You are successfully running upselling or cross-selling campaigns and getting increased revenue that is compulsory for your business success and growth. It is one of the long-term business tactics that helps businesses to grow up and increase higher ROI value. 
  • Brand Reputation and market position
Long-term customers always refer their friends and business community people if they are truly inspired by your quality of services. It will build a good reputation in the market and increase your overall position in the market.