Deploy WordPress during order with new in WHMCS 8.4

Five more enhancements are released with WHMCS 8.4, and almost all the features announced are welcomed by web hosts. Especially improvements in WordPress checkouts. Let us review the new features in WHMCS 8.4.

  1. Quick checkouts for your customers is you sell WordPress hosting (and I would say for sure almost all the web hosts offer WP hosting, it is too important and very hot-selling). In WHMCS 8.3, a customer would log in to WHMCS and deploy from there, but in 8.4, the WP install would be ready with the order.
  2. If you sell Open-Xchange, your customers will not need to leave the WHMCS client area for the simple task of creating emails.
  3. We all know most customers who buy SSL want to put a seal on their site. If you are selling DigiCert through the WHMCS marketplace, the customer can copy-paste the seal code from within their Client Area.
  4. Show your creativity while selling SSL products, as you can now customize SSL pages from market connect. So your selling pages are not to be like your competing companies now.
  5. WHMCS version 8.4 comes with safer upgrades, as there are more pre-updates checks, making the upgrades less prone to failure. Those with a large number of clientage and years of data can now perform upgrades with peace of mind. 

You can find WHMCS 8.4 release notes here.