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General Guidelines

Comparison Tables and Slider Addon depends on plans description you have added in WHMCS. You should have your WHMCS plan descriptions written nice and tidy. Below are general guidelines that will help you produce beautiful and clean sliders and tables.


  1. For better comparison tables and slider it is advised to have your have the descriptions in same sequence. i.e. if you enter Disk Space in first row in package-1, you should place disk space in 1st row for rest of packages too.
  2. Recommended  way of showing your product description is like this. option-name semicolon option value
    • option-name:option-value
    • It will be like this
      • disk space: 10 GB
      • Bandwidth: 1 TB
  3. Do not include any HTML in WHMCS
  4. Enter each option in a new line
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