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Formating Pricing Tables with Generic Templates

WHMpress comes with two types of templates,

1. Matching Theme Templates: These are available only if you are using any of the following themes. 3clicks, Activehost, Alaska, Avada, Flathost, Inhost, Salient, Truehost

2. Generic (Non-matching) Templates: This is a set of about 10 templates that can be used with any theme, including above mentioned themes.

You can use either 1 or 2 at a time. I am assuming you will be using “2”.

Here are the steps for using Generic Templates for formating Pricing Tables:

1. Go to WHMpress > settings > styles > Load matching css/templates from > select “No Matching Templates”

2. Once selected you will have option to select templates while inserting shortcodes of pricing table in “WP default editor” or in “Visual Composer”

If for some reason you are typing your shortcodes by hand, here is how it will be like.

Invalid Product ID Provided

html_template: This is the name of template, there are ten of them. whmpress-xx.html, replace xx with 01 to 10.

id: This is product id from whmpress.

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