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creating API access & AutoAuth Key in WHMCS

Quick Steps:

  1. Open configuration.php file in WHMCS root folder
  2. Paste following code in it.
    //--- keys for API access ---
    $api_access_key = 'replace-me';
    $autoauthkey = 'replace-me';
  3. replace keys with random numbers and characters. Remember auto auth key cannot accept symbolsNote: If you had secured your configuration.php file to 400,440 or 444 as per security steps here, you will need to set permissions to 755 to allow editing.


API Access Key

Accessing WHMCS through API needs an access key to be defined. Access key or secret passphrase in the WHMCS is defined in  configuration.php. To configure it, add a line as follows to your lines to your

$api_access_key = 'Your_Secert_API_Key Here';

Auto Auth Key

WHMCS Cart plugin uses WHMCS AuthoAuth key for logging in users into WHMCS to pay the invoice. AutoAuth is by default disabled. In order to enable it on your WHMCS install, you will need to define “autoauthkey” to configuration.php file.

To define an AutoAuth key.

$autoauthkey = "YourKeyWithSomeNumbers309492";

The key value needs to be a random sequence of letters and numbers, no special characters are allowed.

Note: You can use your key randomly yourself by hand or you may use this site to generate a key http://passwordsgenerator.net/

With another tool, EXPERTE.com’s free password generator, it’s possible to create a highly secure password in the blink of an eye. You can specify the length, as well as whether or not to include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The tool also estimates how long a computer would take to crack any password you input by brute force attack. This means that you can also use EXPERTE.com’s password generator to see if any passwords you’re currently using have been compromised. If these have been leaked, they aren’t safe, and you should change them as swiftly as you can.

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