WHMCS Cart & Order Pages

Let custtomers place WHMCS orders completely on WordPress, we offer 10 One page checkouts + Standard checkout

Allow your customers to purchase within WordPress gives them a faster checkout experience without redirecting to WHMCS.

WHMCS Cart & Order Pages (WCOP) will let your users complete the order without leaving WordPress. It offers standard WHMCS order pages and a super optimized one-page checkout. Whether you’re selling standard web hosting, like shared hosting with a domain attached, or servers, like VPS, dedicated & cloud, if you’re selling with WordPress, WCOP can help you sell more.
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Use WCOP to

  • Offer quick checkouts
  • Reduce abandoned cart rates
  • Simplify default WHMCS orders steps into one-page-checkout
  • Responsive one-page checkout in all devices
  • Customizable and mobile-friendly checkout page design
  • Manage checkout fields and blocks display

WHMCS One Page Checkout

Increase your online conversion rate and eCommerce revenue with a powerful one-page checkout for WHMCS. WHMCS One Page Checkout The fully responsive checkout is optimized to simplify and expedite the purchasing process.
A short and clear path to complete order greatly improves customers’ satisfaction. WCOP is coded in such a way that you can totally remove steps that are not needed for a particular service. These simple optimizations to your specific needs will significantly increase the number of sales.
  • Make Custom Landing & Order Pages
  • Domain Search, Service Selection, Configurations, Checkout all on single page.
  • Built-in Templates
  • Make multiple order pages to suite specific needs of your services

Standard Order Page WHMCS Template for WordPress

This is the WordPress implementation of standard WHMCS order form template. It works exactly the same as WHMCS Standard except for everything is performed within WordPress. It offers additional customization features common to WCOP.

  • Display WHMCS cart count and details within WordPress header
  • Ajax based carts
  • Option to change currency within the WP website.
  • Complete domain search, Domain registration, Transfer features.
  • Supports Product Configurable Options, Add-ons, and Custom Fields.

Why web hosting companies need WHMCS Order Cart integration with WordPress?

The single most factor behind WP-WHMCS integration efforts is giving users a better ordering/buying experience. It is how visitors convert to customers. With WCOP you can achieve 3 goals resulting in more sales

1. Consistent Order Process

To avoid buying the product from WP but configures in WHMCS

Usually WHMCS links in WP will redirect to WHMCS for product configuration, and final checkout, with this WCOP, you can do everything within WP.

2. Add Multiple Products

To avoid Buying the first product in WP, but rest in WHMCS

With product listing in WordPress and order processes in WHMCS, it is very difficult for the users to get back to WordPress to select additional products to order (as it involves two different environments ). Let your users add multiple products to the cart while browsing your WordPress site, An authentic shopping experience

3. WHMCS Cart within WordPress

To give customer freedom of managing cart items while being in WP

Manage current orders through shopping cart visible throughout the WP site. WHMCS Cart template is placed through shortcode in the header and is the shortcode is fully customizable and can be matched with your WP style easily.

Follow Market Trends

The traditional techniques of modifying WHMCS themes/templates to match order processes with your WordPress site is outdated now. With this WHMCS Plugin, you can have Custom WHMCS Template for ordering pages within WordPress site. This solution has every tool to make WHMCS shopping cart experience seamlessly integrate with your complex WordPress theme.

Remove Unwanted Steps

By reducing the steps needed to submit an order, customers are more likely to complete the process and thereby increase your online profits and conversion rate.

  • Hide unwanted sections to keep the order process slick and clean. You can hide Products section, Additional Services, Add-ons, Hide Promo code etc
  • Use service groups or ids to filter from services to order
  • Filter out non-domain products, when the customer selects domain first.

WCOP Highlights

  • Fully responsive WHMCS order page template (WHMCS checkout from)
  • Native WordPress techniques used, easy to customize using custom CSS.
  • Built-in features to change colors to match with your WordPress theme
  • Built-in features to customize order forms look and feel
  • Highly customizable and configurable to suit any kind of product
  • Make your own WHMCS order form template, that upgrades safe and reside in your child theme template following industry standard techniques
  • Auto applies promo code for your campaigns.
Note: If you are using a Tokenized Payment gateway, you will not be able to save customers billing information during the order for any of WHMCS order form templates. The customer will be taken to invoice page, where he will pay (just like third-party gateways).