The update_bulk_prices function updates prices for multiple products simultaneously by applying a percentage increase. It takes a dictionary of products and their prices, a percentage increase value, and the currency symbol or code. It returns a dictionary with updated prices, where each product’s price is adjusted by the specified percentage increase.

Batch Update

The tool allows users to update prices for multiple products or services in bulk. Users can select a group of items and apply the same percentage increase or decrease to their prices.

Percentage Adjustment

 Users can specify the percentage by which they want to increase or decrease the prices. This feature provides flexibility in adjusting prices according to market conditions, inflation rates, or other factors affecting pricing strategies.


Efficiency and Time Savings: The module automates the process of updating prices across a large number of products or services, saving significant time and effort compared to manual updates. This efficiency allows businesses to focus on other critical tasks, such as sales and customer service, leading to increased productivity and operational effectiveness.

Adaptability to Market Changes: By offering the flexibility to apply percentage-based price updates for any currency, the module enables businesses to quickly respond to market fluctuations, exchange rate variations, or changes in pricing strategies. This adaptability ensures that prices remain competitive and aligned with market dynamics, enhancing the organization’s ability to attract and retain customers while maximizing revenue potential.

Consistency and Accuracy: With the ability to update prices uniformly across all products or services, the module ensures consistency and accuracy in pricing, reducing the risk of errors or discrepancies that can arise from manual updates. This consistency not only enhances customer trust and satisfaction but also simplifies internal processes such as inventory management and financial reporting, contributing to overall business efficiency and integrity.