The Password Reset module in WHMCS streamlines password management and enhances security. This Module allows administrators to reset passwords securely, ensuring tight control over account access. With a user-friendly interface, administrators can manage password-related requests efficiently, maintaining stringent security standards. The Password Reset module empowers administrators with the necessary tools to manage user passwords within WHMCS, promoting security and efficiency across the platform.

Enhanced Security

By offering a secure alternative to email-based password resets, the Client Password Reset module ensures sensitive client information remains protected.

Streamlined Support

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with email issues. With this module, support personnel can efficiently handle password reset requests directly from the WHMCS admin interface.


Improved Client Experience: Clients no longer need to wait for email-based password resets that may not always work. With the Client Password Reset module, password changes are quick and seamless.

Simplified Management: The module integrates seamlessly into WHMCS, adding a new “Change Password” button below the default password reset option for easy access and use.

Upgrade your password reset process today with the Client Password Reset module and provide your clients with a smoother, more secure experience.