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We build customized WHMCS functionality depending on the requirements of the clients. Our Custom WHMCS Services includes customization of WHMCS themes and modules.

Whether you need software installed or any number of customizations, Our WHMCS Developers is here to support you, fill in the form and reach us!

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We offer a full range of design and development services, seamlessly integrated with WHMCS custom software to enhance your online presence. As our client, you’ll be in touch with our experienced project management and leadership teams, with updates provided and questions answered at every project phase.

Personalizing Your WHMCS Experience

Striving Custom WHMCS Solutions That Are Formulated To Accelerate Your Business Growth!

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Custom Module Development

Automate your workflow by extending the functionality of your system with our capability of customizing different modules for your WHMCS.

Custom Theme Development

WHMCS custom template allows you to get a visually appealing and user-friendly look to your client area with our customized theme development.

3rd Party Module Installation

You can adjust the behavior of your system according to your needs by installing any third-party module and personalizing your WHMCS.

WHMCS Version Upgrade

Easily upgrade to latest version with our highly skilled WHMCS developer without any risk of data loss or disruptions to your business.

3rd Party Integrations

WHMCS module development helps to maximize your business outcome by letting us assist you with the customs system integration for your WHMCS.

WHMCS Automation

WHMCS module development provides all-the-way custom solutions that will fully automate your WHMCS functionality, save time, and as well helpful in business growth.

WHMCS Marketing Services

Make your entrance into the competitive digital world with our best digital marketing services that will enhance the ROI of your WHMCS.

Payment Gateway Integrations

customize the payment gateway integration with WHMCS integration of payment gateway. We do only require API documentation of the specific gateway.

Why Choose NeXum For Your Hosting Business?

With neXum, you’re not only getting a powerful WHMCS hosting theme, but you’re also tapping into a collection of the best free WordPress theme for WHMCS available. This theme seamlessly integrates with the WHMPress plugin, ensuring your hosting business is presented in the best possible light. Utilize its domain search functionality and matrix display to showcase domain pricing lists effectively. neXum boasts three distinct pricing tables, each with scrolling capabilities, allowing you to display more options at a glance. The Windows/Linux switcher provides flexibility in pricing, catering to your clients’ preferences. Furthermore, the comparison table with segmented sections simplifies the decision-making process for your potential customers.
neXum’s deep-rooted integration with WHMCS is a game-changer. This theme is built to seamlessly integrate with WHMCS, and it’s the ideal solution if you’re looking for a WHMCS client theme that elevates your online presence. It’s more than just a webhosting theme with WHMCS integration; it’s a comprehensive package that aligns closely with the workflow of WHMCS users.
Elegance meets functionality with neXum’s user-friendly WordPress template for WHMCS design. As a responsive WHMCS WordPress theme, neXum welcomes visitors with an inviting interface, promoting engagement and exploration. Customize its appearance and features to perfectly match your branding and hosting offerings, thanks to its intuitive customization options.
When it comes to online visibility, neXum has you covered. Its SEO-optimized design ensures your hosting services stand out in search engine results. The lightweight architecture of neXum guarantees lightning-fast loading times, delivering an impeccable user experience and optimal website performance.
In the dynamic landscape of web hosting, neXum emerges as a top-tier solution. This Free WordPress hosting Theme for Whmcs offers a remarkable blend of compatibility, design, and functionality. Whether you’re searching for a free client management theme for WHMCS, a professional WHMCS theme for your hosting business, or simply the best responsive WHMCS WordPress template, neXum rises to the occasion. Join the league of hosting professionals who have embraced neXum to enhance their online presence and streamline their hosting operations. Your journey to hosting excellence begins with neXum. Unlock its potential, explore its features, and redefine your hosting success.