Licensing Addon

Do You Think, You Can Build Software? If so, you can license your scripts and applications through license as WHMCS. The licensing add-on module for WHMCS is built to facilitate you to license your products such as web applications and web scripts. The module helps you restricting the use of your products according to the

Project Management Addon for WHMCS

Simplification Redefined Organize your work with Project Management Addon for WHMCS The flexibility of WHMCS becomes obvious with the use of Project Management Add-on. The Project Management add-on is designed to help you organize your work in a project management way. Be it jobs, tasks, support tickets, invoices, and to do items, with Project Management

Configurable Package Add-on

Pay as you pass! It is time to set your business apart from other web hosting businesses. With customization configurable package add-on, your customers will get the choice of selecting exactly what they need according to their requirements. Your clients pay as they reach the threshold of what they need. Their selections are automatically provisioned