• WHMpress V.1.2 Released

    Most important change in this version is that this CSS now comes built-in in WHMpress. Questions. Why it was not so in earlier version? What difference does it makes? Previously WHMpress was coded to use themes CSS for html components. It was our initial understanding that users will like to use form CSS (text box, button, […]

  • Vulnerability in FancyBox Plugin

    Be Alert & Update Immediately- Vulnerability in FancyBox Plugin for WordPress Found! has announced that they have discovered a serious vulnerability in the FancyBox plugin for WordPress, asking WordPress publishers and users to upgrade immediately to FancyBox 3.0.4 and monitoring WordPress sites for infections. The Wordfence blog iterates that the user should upgrade to any further releases from FancyBox. They warned that issue may need further […]

  • Ajax domain search is now part of WHMperss base

    WHMpress ver. 1.1 is realesed and is availble to download on This is a mjor update and and now included AJax Domain Search fully integrated with WHCMS There are over 540+ domains in database and with options to add more domain. Features includes Supports almost all new Domains (listed here) Support country domains More than […]

  • WHMpress Revision 1.0.9

    A bug was removed on customers feedback, new update is available for download on Envato. Please do not forget to mark “inform me when new version is available” option in Envato download section for WHMPress.