Nulled Plugins & Themes, how bad it can get?

We all have heard about nulled scripts, themes & plugins. The nulled scripts are copy protected removed scripts, themes or plugins (and yes they containing the malicious code).

Now a days more and more plugins on famous market places have started requiring a purchase code or key, without thWHMpress and WHMCS securityat plugin will keep showing a message to register it. You get the access to the paid features like support and free upgrades via this serial key. In nulled plugins this registration message is no more.

In case of a nulled scripted theme or plugin, your eyes catch the big, bold, and FREE. This FREE makes things irresistible for you and you swallow the bait. But this bait has its strings tied to a nulled script. You actually are not getting that premium looking themes and plugins for free. You are paying price in shape of running a backdoor script on your website which can replace your ads with someone else & make your website prone to hacking.

Well, I feel it could be harder to swallow this truth. Let me make it simple for you. These so called free themes and plugins contain malicious codes that can redirect your users, inject links, and create back doors and spam. If you are not so lucky guy, the nulled plugin will take down your website or blog to a NILL.

To our surprise the deliberately infected nulled scripts are on rise and so is their use as FREE themes and plugins. The nulled scripts are more advanced and devious form of malwares.

It has come to our attention that the nulled WHMpress is also available for download somewhere over the internet. Beware; a nulled WHMpress can cost you the entire WHMCS installation. WHMpress is sold exclusively on Here is a download link. You should avoid WHMPress download nulled or free from any website other than codecanyon.

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