aWHMCS – Andriod App for WHMCS Users

Andriod App for WHMCS Users

aWHMCS slogans ALWAYS CONNECTED. The newer version 2.0 of Andriod App for WHMCS claims providing you a platform where you can manage your business while on the go. With improved interface and few features added the newly released version is free for all existing aWHMCS users.

Whether you use an Android phone or tablet, aWHMCS makes it possible to control and manage your hosting business even if you are away from your desk.

The Support Ticket feature keeps you in contact with your customers. You can view, manage and respond to support tickets within seconds with the touch of a button.

The App provides you the facility to browse, create, edit and even apply payments to invoices, can receive payments in person and apply it without any difficulty. Not only this but you can also review, activate and create new orders. The handy feature helps you in creating more efficient customer service.

What else a web hosting company owner would want? With its client management feature, you are able to view/edit profiles, manage products and services, apply transactions, and send emails to your customers. The newer version costs only $2.99/month for each WHMCS license. And all your employees can then use it. The portability goes beyond limits when you find that even your staff can use the App on their mobile devices.
There is only one catch, while the App supports multiple profiles for multiple WHMCS installations; you have to subscribe separately for each WHMCS installation.

As far as usability of the App and newer version is concerned, both aWHMCS and iWHMCS versions 2.0 have the same features. We can safely conclude that with version 2.0, WHMCS has managed both iPhone and Android clients by providing same features to run your hosting business. Let’s wait for any update!

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