Project Management Addon for WHMCS

Project Management

Simplification Redefined

Organize your work with Project Management Addon for WHMCS

The flexibility of WHMCS becomes obvious with the use of Project Management Add-on. The Project Management add-on is designed to help you organize your work in a project management way. Be it jobs, tasks, support tickets, invoices, and to do items, with Project Management add-on, you are able to connect everything at a single interface.

Forget about duplication of work; avoid unnecessary and time consuming effort to reach third party systems for simple communication needs. The tool allows your staff to create grapevine for internal discussions, share files with you and other staff members and track time spent on each task assigned and optionally bill the task accordingly.

The Project Management Add-on bundle has something for everyone…


Make a project of everything and keep it at a central place. Have files, discussions, tasks, and communication at a central place and avoid unnecessary engagement of third party systems.

Access Made Easy

Accessing the desired project is extremely simplified. You can search for projects by titles or ticket numbers. You can use shortcuts shown in the tickets or access the projects from client profiles.

Real Reports

You are able to generate reports detailing all the information about time worked, and other related statistical information. Reports provide you the opportunity to review projects and take timely decisions.

Activity Recording

The beautiful thing about Project Management Add-on is that every change and adjustment is recorded in detail. The activity recording system logs who did what at what date and time.

Ajax Enhanced Interface

Project Management Add-on has an enhanced Ajax Interface that creates a responsive and fast system that makes your work a joy.

Task Lists

You can create task lists in order to track the progress on a project. With the options to highlight the completed items so that you can have the idea of outstanding work on project at a glance.

Simplification Redefined

Don’t go for the name, creating projects with Project Management add-on is as simple as you imagine. You need a title and a due date to begin a new project. You can also create projects from within a support ticket.

Deliver on Time

Delivering on time is essential to get a happy customer base. With Project Management Add-on you are able to specify due dates for projects and you are able to prioritize your projects. You get the idea of how much time is left until the deadline. It makes a lot of difference!


With the option to change the look and colors with CSS files. You have the option to get a developer license (optional).

Multi-Language Support

The Project Management Add-on is available in English currently and other translations are on the way…

Time Tracker

With a start and stop timer, you are able to track time spent against each task. The time tracker provides you insight into the ability of your staff to handle a specific task. At your customer level, you can convert these time records into invoices and deliver them to your customer to charge them against the time spent on their query.

Staff Message Board

The staff message board helps your staff to communicate with you and other staff members and share notes and updates.

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