Licensing Addon

Licensing Addon

Do You Think, You Can Build Software?

If so, you can license your scripts and applications through license as WHMCS. The licensing add-on module for WHMCS is built to facilitate you to license your products such as web applications and web scripts. The module helps you restricting the use of your products according to the license agreements.

The add-on has our exhaustive experience in the line of licensing behind it. You should be certain that by having WHMCS and Licensing Add-on, you are going to have a heavy weight system for commercialization of your products.

As you opt for licensing add-on modules, your WHMCS turns into a complete client management and support system. What else could a software developer need?

With the bundle of WHMCS products you are already familiar; you are at liberty to combine ease of use, intuitiveness and flexibility with your software developing skills. And when you couple these products with licensing add-on module, you become free of hassles such as how to order, license and distribute your product. WHMCS Licensing Add-on provides you opportunity to focus on your software developer and software supporting side leaving rest to us.

Methods of Licensing:

Licensing Add-on module supports local and remote methods of licensing. In a remote licensing method, your software or application calls home to validate the license. If your application falls short of calling home for whatsoever reasons, it goes back to local key licensing method. The local key licensing method is a time bound encrypted key that is stored on the user sever for using it in the event of any call home failures.

Licensing Add-on code is available and you have just to copy and paste the code into your application code to make it work.

 Software Options

You can license unlimited different applications with Licensing Add-on. There is also no limit for number of clients you can issue the license through our add-on. You have the option to set the supported recurring billing cycles for your products or have onetime fee. You are able to set a user limit for your products at your will.

Ease of Use & Complete Automation

With WHMCS, you can have a completely automated signup process that issues license keys to new orders automatically. It prevents the download as soon as the user support period expires. You enjoy the WHMCS automated order and payment processing functionality.

Above this you are able to create, suspend, terminate, reissue and revoke licenses manually as per your clients’ demand.

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