Configurable Package Add-on

Configurable Package Addon

Pay as you pass!

It is time to set your business apart from other web hosting businesses. With customization configurable package add-on, your customers will get the choice of selecting exactly what they need according to their requirements. Your clients pay as they reach the threshold of what they need. Their selections are automatically provisioned onto your server.

  • Give your clients the liberty of customization of their hosting packages
  • Allow your customers to pay for what exactly suit them according to their needs
  • Your customers get fully automated initial account setup.
  • Provisioning for automated down and up-gradation
  • cPanel and Direct Admin support for automation

Un-matched support options include; Disk Space, Bandwidth, FTP Accounts, Email Accounts, SQL Database, Subdomains, Front Page Extensions, Dedicated IPs, CGI Access, Shell Access, Parked Domains, Add-on Domains and much more…

Price & Account Signup

The Customizable Configurable Package Add-on cost you as low as $69.95 as onetime fee. You have the option to order the package along with WHMCS license or as individual package anytime you feel the need to become distinguished from the rest of the web hosting crowd.

Live Chat & Visitor Tracking

Personalizing the customer experience

With WHMCS Live Chat Add-on we provide the users a powerful integrated solution for live chat and visitor tracking. The add-on includes a Windows Desktop Client that monitors your visitors and handles chats.

Developed in partnership with Stardevelop, the WHMCS users get the customized tailored solutions enabling you to monitor your website visits and get the first hand information about them if they are your registered clients. The add-on provides you access to their tickets, the client profile from chat interface. The system also provides you with the logs under WHMCS ticket history of a specific client.

  • The easiest setup option- you just drop the add-on into the modules folder of the site
  • Gives your multiple status choices from online to offline, and BRB to away
  • Provides you the option to transfer chat between operators to keep them up to date with the chat history
  • Predefined Responses
  • Allows sending links, images and jawa scripts
  • Pop up alerts
  • Web based admin area
  • Options of multiple chat tabs
  • Sound and pop up alerts
  • Operator to operator chat facilitation
  • Customizable images
  • Real time visitor stats and footprints
  • IP country detection facility
  • File Transfer Support
  • iPhone and Android Apps for mobile devices


Pay as you deem convenient. WHMCS Live Chat and Visitor Tracking Add-on is available for $6.95/month or $89.95 as a one off purchase. Get unbelievable 45% discount if you are a WHMCS customer. The price includes online server software and windows tray application.

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